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CMOS to MIPI D-PHY Interface Bridge Soft IP

Published by Lattice Semiconductor Corporation

MIPI D-PHY is a practical PHY for typical camera and display applications. It is designed to replace traditional parallel bus based on LVCMOS or LVDS. However, many processors and displays/cameras still use an RGB, CMOS, or MIPI Display Pixel Interface (DPI) as interface. A bridge is often required to connect a processor with an RGB interface to a display with a MIPI DSI interface or a camera with a CMOS interface to a processor with CSI-2 interface. T

he Lattice Semiconductor CMOS to MIPI D-PHY Interface Bridge IP provides this conversion for Lattice Semiconductor CrossLink™ devices. This is useful for wearable, tablet, human machine interfacing, medical equipment and many other applications.

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